Independent Solutions

Many of the most sought-after homes in central London are not available on the open market and it is difficult, if not impossible, for individuals to view without the help of a buying agent. Our relationships with reputable estate agents, property developers and private individuals mean we are made aware of properties that no one else can access. We work with our clients to construct compelling offers that give them the advantage in a competitive market.

Once an offer is made, we use our contacts to further the transaction quickly and without any hassle. We have a list of trusted surveyors, solicitors and financial advisors we can call upon on behalf of our clients who are well versed in the unique needs of prime central London property buyers.

Our work continues even after the sale is complete by helping our clients source removal firms, architects, interior designers, and builders. We can also assist our clients in choosing schools or acquiring staff. We help our clients buy a house and also create a home.

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